Our Vision

A World in Which All Women Realize Their True Dignity and Worth

Our Mission

To establish the first-of-its-kind, life-affirming women’s health center in Stamford, Connecticut in order to meet the very basic yet unaddressed need for dignified, natural, evidence-based, comprehensive health care.

Our Hope

To educate, inspire, empower and support women in making the most dignified choices about their bodies, souls, relationships, and lives by providing natural, evidence-based health care with sincere compassion for life.



Project Beloved Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to establish the first-of-its-kind life-affirming comprehensive women’s health center in Connecticut. Available to women of all ages, and economic statuses, our center will provide physical, spiritual, and emotional health services, treating the whole woman through dignified evidence-based medicine, patient education, and compassionate care. Project Beloved is part of a national movement to transform women’s health care by offering a new option for gynecologic and reproductive health – an option that cooperates with a woman’s natural cycle instead of suppressing it by artificial means.

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We believe redefining women’s health care is the way

To break the cycle of harmful cultural influences on women. To provide a life-affirming medical alternative, currently unavailable to the majority of women. To empower women with knowledge about their bodies & souls. To make a brighter future for all women and their families.

Access to truly life-affirming, holistic women’s health care can transform the way a woman views herself and influence her future for the better. Access to dignified women’s healthcare has the power to reveal the beauty of natural fertility, empower women with an understanding of their bodies and resolve common health issues without reliance on harmful artificial methods. Access to dignified women’s health care can plant a seed of hope for her future: unlocking a life-affirming view of the world, greater self-respect, better decisions, stronger relationships, and improved emotional and physical health.

Women need and deserve medical providers who will take the time to deeply analyze their health issues and offer solutions, building upon natural fertility awareness, caring for their bodies and souls. Every woman deserves hope for the future and life-affirming health care makes that possible. Life-affirming comprehensive women’s health centers have transformed women’s lives across the country, and together, with your help, we can provide access to dignified care in Connecticut.

Make a difference in the lives of women today.

Services Available

Staffed by loving and dedicated world-class medical practitioners, we will provide the highest standard of natural, evidence-based reproductive and gynecologic care. Our center will fill the gap that currently exists for women seeking an alternative to the existing physically and emotionally harmful options available to women as the standard for reproductive and well-woman care.

Community Referral Network

Community partnerships are an essential part of our mission. That’s why we will be partnering with the existing service providers in our community to help support the women we serve. If your organization offers life-affirming services for women, children, and families, please contact us.  We are always interested in partnering with life-affirming organizations that provide education, life skills development, and spiritual guidance.

Physical Health
Pregnancy Test


Physicals / Well-Woman Exams

Pap smears

Natural Family Planning & Support

Natural Methods for treating common reproductive disorders (cramps, heavy/irregular bleeding, PMS, endometriosis, hormonal abnormalities)

STD & UTI  Testing & Treatment

HIV/AIDS Testing

IUD Removal

Breast & Cervical Cancer Testing

Infertility Treatments / Natural Methods for Achieving Pregnancy

Hormone Management

Obstetric Services and Midwifery

Pre-Natal, Post-Natal and Perinatal Care

Fertility Awareness-Based Methods / Natural Family Planning

Abortion Pill Reversal

Emotional Health
Life Coaching, Mentoring, & Counseling

Adoption Services / Referral

Housing & Job Assistance

Bible Study

Support Groups

Pregnancy Resources

On-site Childcare

On-Site Chapel

Post-Abortive Counseling

Educational Programs
Sexual Risk Avoidance

Healthy Relationships

Marriage, Family & Parenting Enrichment

NFP Training

NaPro Technology Awareness Education

Who We Serve

“BELOVED” describes the women who inspired this project, whom we aim to serve: who they were made to be, who they are even if they do not know it yet, and the vision for who they will become with our help.

We have spent over a thousand hours engaging women in our community about their gynecologic and family planning health needs and trying to provide alternatives that are more dignifying and healthy; alternatives that won’t promote unhealthy relationships, present dangerous health risks that accompany artificial contraception or result in the pain of an abortion. While there are a variety of life-affirming social services in our community, there are currently no medical centers that can fill her basic need for life-affirming health care and prevent her from making potentially fatal decisions.


The women we’ve encountered, long for something better and we are committed to bringing it to them.

Help Local Women Access Dignified Care

Become a Volunteer

Empowering women takes skill and a whole lot of heart! If you have a passion for our mission we want to know more about you! Roles available: medical and non-medical professionals, life coach, counselor, nutritionist, NFP trainer, nurse midwife, childcare provider, and prenatal experts. 

Make a Donation

While we aim to be a financially sustainable clinic in the future our current need is that of the assistance necessary to establish our center. We are working to raise $1Million for the project to cover startup costs & year 1 operation. If you or someone you know can offer financial support, we are grateful for donations.


Get the Word Out

A project of this size takes a village and we can’t do this without your support! Help us get the word out by sharing this initiative with your network. Talk to your organization, church, or pro-life group about inviting us to speak or partnering with us to host a fundraiser.

Join Our Medical Staff

There is a nationwide shortage of medical practitioners who are trained in natural gynecologic medicine and further embrace a fully-life affirming philosophy for their practices. If you know medical professionals who share our passion, we’d love to be connected. 

Donate Online

Donate by Check

Please make check payable to Project Beloved Inc. and mail to:

Project Beloved, Inc.
217 Bridge Street, E6
Stamford, CT 06905

Project Beloved Inc. is a Connecticut nonprofit corporation and tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.