The Executive Director (ED) is the management leader of Project Beloved and will play a critical role in the launch of its life affirming health center. The Executive Director will be responsible for implementation of goals, objectives, policies and plans developed and established by the Board of Directors, cooperating with the Board in fulfilling its governance function, and providing leadership and overall management direction of the organization. The ED will develop deep knowledge of life-affirming women’s health care, core programs, operations, and business plans. Must have willingness to enthusiastically support and understand Catholic teachings on life issues as related to the practice of medicine.


  1. Demonstrates strong servant leadership ability by supporting and promoting harmony and a ministry of restoration and reconciliation; serving clients and volunteers effectively and lovingly, supporting and promoting Project Beloved’s mission.
  2. Supports organization’s mission through program and services offered as well as through ongoing product development and delivery. 
  • Implements/executes plans, evaluates effectiveness of services, and makes changes as needed and appropriate.  
  • Ensures quality and other standards are met in the implementation/execution, provides the best possible services, products, and programs to service client needs and supports the organization’s mission.
  • Oversees client services.  Ensures training compliance of employees and volunteers by documenting training sessions to ensure operational effectiveness.  
  • Follows all appropriate/applicable policies and procedures, regulations and restrictions (governmental and organizational), including those applicable to medical services, budget, etc.

    3. Fosters growth and stability of the organization, including marketing, PR, and donor development.
  • Serves as a major representative of the organization to the staff, donors, the community and other center constituencies.
  • Develops a plan for marketing in partnership with the marketing committee to increase reach of organization’s mission.  This would include two plans:  a plan to increase clients reach and a plan to increase donor reach and contribution to the organization.  
  • Communicates and interacts with other community organizations (churches, help and aid agencies), governmental agencies and leaders, general community, media, donors, and prospective donors for the purpose of educating and fostering good relationships and support. Oversees communication with external constituencies.
  • Networks with other life-affirming organizations toward fulfilling a common vision.
  • Provides the Board with reports and projections regarding changing facility, staffing, financial situations, and plans for facilitating and accommodating change and growth in these areas. Advises the Board of problems related to client numbers, and donor development that may affect the organization’s stability and growth and offers possible solutions.
  • Oversees fundraising, planning and execution consistent with Board objectives.
  • Adheres to appropriate/applicable policies and procedures, regulations and restrictions (governmental and organizational), including fundraising solicitation regulations, budget, etc.

    4. Responsible for the administration and management of the organization’s resources.
  • Plans, organizes, directs, and controls the day-to-day operations of the organization.  Analyzes needs of the organization for daily operation and develops plans to meet the dynamic needs of the organization.
  • Ensures recruitment of volunteers and employees to fulfill Board approved plans, according to appropriate guidelines, such as Board approved budget.
  • Ensures the training of volunteers and staff through documenting training sessions to promote the mission, provide quality services, successfully execute the responsibilities of their positions and follow appropriate regulations, policies and procedures. Provides enrichment and growth (personal and professional) opportunities.
  • Supervises or oversees the supervision of volunteers and staff in the execution of their responsibilities for the efficient and effective carrying out of the organization’s mission. Provides timely informal and formal performance evaluation/feedback/goal setting.
  • Creates a culture and office atmosphere that encourages openness, honesty, trust, respect, Christian reconciliation, restoration and unity.
  • Plans and manages facility and facility resources.
  • Administers budget.
  • Ensures appropriate, accurate, and relevant recordkeeping and reporting.  
  • Ensures the development of forms, documents, reports, manuals and other materials necessary for the efficient and effective operation of the organization: client forms and materials; volunteer forms and materials; recruiting, hiring, training and operation forms and materials (job descriptions, performance reviews and employee handbook); financial reports; promotional and educational materials.
  • Follows policies and procedures and complies with all legal and organization restrictions and guidelines, including confidentiality, retention of information, employment law, budget, etc.

5. Cooperates with the Board of Directors in governance.

  • Assists the Board in strategic planning, developing objectives and goals, annual planning (including budgeting and program development), and in policy development. 
  • Implements goals, objectives, policies, annual plans set by the Board and incorporates them into the daily operations of the organization.
  • Interfaces between Board and staff and other center constituencies.
  • Provides information and reports regarding administration and operations to keep Board informed (financial, programmatic, public relations, HR, etc.) as requested by the Board. 
  • Informs the Board of problems or anticipated problems so that the mission of the organization may be carried out effectively.
  • Prepares for Board Meetings, handling related logistics.


The ED serves at the pleasure of the Board of Directors. Under the general direction of the Board of Directors, the ED provides leadership for the organization. Manages staff (employees and volunteers).


  • Bachelor’s Degree required, preferably in business or nonprofit administration, human resource management, or related field.
  • Management and administrative experience, including managing a staff. Experience in the nonprofit or medical sector preferred but not required. Pregnancy center or other pro-life experience preferred. Knowledge of one or more of the Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs) or willingness to learn.
  • Problem solving and program development ability to develop and evaluate programs and administer and manage operations and staff of the organization.  Strong problem resolution skills. 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills to communicate effectively with multiple audiences and constituencies (Board, staff, volunteers, clients, donors, other organizations, government leaders, media) using a variety of formats.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to train, manage and influence all organizational constituencies.
  • Self-starter who takes ownership and initiative, with good judgment and integrity.
  • Excellent administration and good organizational skills.
  • Willingness and ability to serve clients and other Project Beloved constituencies (including other staff, donors, vendors, etc.) as a servant leader that supports and promotes Project Beloved’s life-affirming ministry.
  • Willingness and ability to demonstrate commitment to Project Beloved’s mission in the execution of position responsibilities. 

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Stamford

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